About Us

Your new favorite local laser-made gift shop has arrived

Gem City Laser (GCL) is a Black Woman-owned custom laser-made gift shop for retail, corporate, and wholesale gift giving. The company was established on August 11, 2021 and is owned and operated by mother and daughter team, Bree & Shelly. Together, this dynamic duo decided to create a sustainable business by applying their combined business knowledge and creative energy to serve the Greater Dayton area and beyond.

Gifting to a group or starting your own brand of merchandise? Bulk ordering is ideal for retail merchandising, corporate events, and celebrations. Need a local supplier? Create your own designs and resell them in your shop. Our lasers can efficiently and cleanly cut or engrave materials like wood, acrylic, marble, cork, denim and more.

If you're not sure where to start, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Bree & Shelly